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Akim Moiseenkov



Akim Moiseenkov. 1987. Bachelor in Pop music 2008-2012. Master in Live Electronics 2012-2014. Composer. Inventor. Keyboard player. Synthesist. Vocalist. Producer. Improvise. Enchant. Tame chaos. Use chaos. Records dancers on a trampoline and warps that sound with a Joystick, live. Tells tales. Listens to the dying sounds of a circuit-bent toy keyboard. Puts a goldfish in a fishing bowl during an absurdist show on futurism. Then cranks up the siren. Composes by soldering his own synthesizers. Resistors, capacitors and diodes in stead of music notation. Makes his voice sound like a shredding guitar. Looks for textures. Sings. Organ tunes with rhythm box. Keytar solo. Reinvents purpose of objects. Chaos. Control. Humour always. Europe endless.

Projects: Stopcontact, Perforator, Akim en z’n Orgel

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