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Luke Deane



Luke Deane / Lisa

Luke Deane is a composer from Somerset, England. Deane’s work is associated with the satirical “4th Viennese School” of composition, although research questions the reality of this school. He is most known for his collaborations which include large scale sculpture and theatre works, and for his songs, which he performs under the guise of Lisa, his alter-ego. Luke’s output spans many disciplines and his body of work is notably difficult to describe with a single example.

Among recent notable works were 3 Cars (2015), an opera which featured only custom built remote-operated cars that could sing to each other, duet In Hail (2016) created with Ragnar Olafsson which toured Cross-Linx Festival in 2016, A Walk on the Wild Side (2015): a music sound-walk about sex and Returning Odysseus (2016) co-composed with Paul Zaba, which is described as “A point-of-view realisation of Monteverdi’s late opera Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria.”.

Luke is one half of the duo Intercalaris, where he works alongside Richard Stenton, together creating The 4th Viennese Collection. Currently Luke is an FPK Nieuwe Maker 2017/18 with Grachtenfestival, developing a new opera, short film and installation tour, and is developing a future project for The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam where he currently sits on an editorial board for Friday Night programming. Luke studied with Howard Skempton, Joe Cutler, Michael Wolters, Martijn Padding, Richard Ayres, Jorrit Tamminga, John Law and many more.

Luke in Splendor:

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