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About Splendor

About Splendor

conceived and founded by 50 top-flight musicians and their public

In the heart of Amsterdam, you’ll find Splendor: a club for every kind of music, conceived and founded by 50 top-flight musicians and their public. Splendor is a meeting place, a club, a workspace, a musical laboratory and much, much more.

The Concept

In 2010, a group of enterprising musicians, composers and artists had a plan: invest in a place where everything is possible, where experimentation knows no bounds and where artists and their public connect to inspire each other.

The Musicians

Splendor is run by a group of 50 exceptional musicians from every nook and cranny of the international music scene. Splendor is a second home for them and their public, but also for the vast number of musicians from the Netherlands and abroad that come to rehearse or perform there.
The 50 core musicians invest €1000 and play several times a year for the members. In exchange, the building is theirs – 365 days a year – to create, explore and produce…wherever their imagination takes them.

The Members

The best part of the success of Splendor is that they achieve it together with their members. For just €100 a year, you can go to 50 concerts for free –conceived and presented by one of the 50 Splendor musicians.
These member concerts are the perfect moment to connect with the musicians: we love to chat, have a drink together and exchange ideas on how we can make Splendor even more exciting.

The next upcoming concert in Splendor:

Vier Willink Portretten
Vier Willink Portretten
Twee premières en drie bevriende Amsterdamse componisten. Eén van de thema's van dit concert is de omgang van kunstenaars met tegenspoed, componisten [...]