Fri. 15 February 2019 – 20:30
Mattijs van de Woerd:

Mattijs van de Woerd | A Night At The Operas

Two brand-new operas on one evening

Baritone Mattijs van de Woerd will be seen in a remarkable double bill: on the big screen in the short film opera 'A Day in June' (2018), and on the podium in the sneak pre-hear of 'We'll never let you down' (2020), a preliminary study for a chamber opera about cellist Jacqueline du Pré. With Doris Hochscheid (cello) and Frans van Ruth (piano).

This evening, baritone Mattijs van de Woerd presents twee brand-new boundary blurring music theater works and their makers.

'A Day in June', a new style Gesamtkunstwerk with a mix of film, poetry, music and pictorial art, was released in late 2018. 'A Day in June' is a child with many parents: the grandfather is the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, whose poetry inspired writer Gerard Harleman to write a libretto in the form of five poems. Visual artist Ludo Winkelman added five portraits, composer Marion von Tilzer composed five songs. Filmmaker Peter Sieben combined all these elements into a prosaic-poetic monodrama about a traveler, who makes two parallel journeys. Mattijs van de Woerd sings the songs and plays the traveler.

At the end of February, Mattijs, cellist Doris Hochscheid and pianist Frans van Ruth will begin staging rehearsals for 'We'll never let you down', a preliminary study for a chamber opera based on the life and death of cellist Jacqueline du Pré. The music was composed by René Samson, scenario and staging by Mirjam Koen and Gerrit Timmers (OT rotterdam). This evening you will witness the beginning of the beginning: there is no opera yet. However, there is already music for a gripping (and sometimes tragicomic) scene, wherein a good friend looks back on Jackie du Pré's last days. This 'torso-scene' can be seen on March 23rd in a staged version, once again in Splendor. The complete work can be seen and heard in the fall of 2020.

With Doris Hochscheid (cello) and Frans van Ruth (piano).