Sat. 8 December 2018 – 20:15

Claron and Friends

Roberta Alexander, Nancy Braithwaite, Vaughan Schlepp & Mick Stirling

Lenny & Edie

It was exactly a year ago that we launched a crowdfunding campaign to make a CD with chamber and vocal music of the 91 year old American composer, Edith Hemenway.
Thanks to the generosity of music fans and in particular with the help of an anonymous mecenas, we reached our goal. We are proud to present during this extraordinary concert the CD : To Paradise For Onions : chamber music and vocal music of Edith Hemenway.

Leonard Bernstein was born 100 years ago, only 9 years before Edith and we thought it would be a great way to honor him by performing a few jewels from his vocal oeuvre.

During last years crowdfunding concert, we set up a Skype link so Edith could listen in; this time she said she wants to hear it live and shes flying over for the concert! Its going to be a memorable evening and I hope you will come and share it with us.