Sat. 23 March 2019 – 20:00

We'll never let you down

An opera-in-progress about fake news, indignation, and helplessness - and Jacqueline du Pré.

Witness the first incarnation of a work of art: the premiere of the sketch of a chamber opera. This chamber opera will be about a marvellous musical talent who suffers from a mysterious disease, later to be known as MS. About how, after her tragic death, public opinion accepts her family’s sensationalized stories about her life as the shocking truth. And especially about the indignation and helplessness felt by those who loved her and were close to her until the very end. Nowadays, in the age of fake news and online shaming, those feelings have just about become universal.

Theatre makers Mirjam Koen and Gerrit Timmers (OT-Rotterdam), composer René Samson, baritone Mattijs van de Woerd, cellist Doris Hochscheid and pianist Frans van Ruth have worked with each other in various constellations. Now, as a collective, they join forces to bring about a chamber opera - a project to perfectly capture their shared passion for music and drama.

Tonight they present the result of the research phase: a twenty minute pilot, fully staged. The makers will discuss the origins of the idea, the artistic process, and the next steps of this project. Added to this, Doris and Frans will perform sections of Manuel de Falla’s ‘Suite populaire espagnole’, and Mattijs will sing songs by René Samson on words by Ivor Gurney.

Mattijs van de Woerd voice
Doris Hochscheid cello
Frans van Ruth piano