Sat. 16 February 2019 – 20:00
Michael Moore

Antima - Reflections in C-minor

The Ukrainian-Bulgarian Duo Antima was founded in 2015, the year in which the two musicians met and discovered their mutual passion for chamber music, in particular the combination violin-piano.

They met each other in Bulgaria during a visit to the Bansko Jazz Festival. They didn’t have the opportunity to communicate musically at the time, but this meeting was the beginning of a great friendship. They have performed on various podia, also in The Netherlands, and in 2017 Duo Antima won two first prizes in chamber music competitions in Germany and Italy.

Forming a chamber music ensemble involves a process of mutual reflection, playing together often, discussing various ideas and experimenting with different sounds. Each new program brings the musicians to a new performance level and often opens doors to new ways of thinking. 2019 is a special year for Duo Antima, with the release of their first CD, ‘Reflections in C-minor,’ made possible in part through their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Why the title 'Reflections in C-minor’? The album contains works by Beethoven, Grieg and Brahms, each in the key of C-minor. This key conveys a certain sort of drama, which provokes and touches one deeply, especially the Beethoven. Much can be said about Beethoven’s connection to C-minor. Charles Rosen wrote: ‘Beethoven in C-minor symbolizes his artistic character. In any case, it shows Beethoven as a hero. C-minor doesn’t show us Beethoven at his most sensitive, but the piece reveals him to us in his most extravert form and, so it seems, with great disdain for any compromise whatsoever.’

The program which the duo will perform, contains works from the album as well as new repertoire:

E. Grieg - Violin Sonata No 3, op.45
J.S. Bach - Sonata for violin and piano in C-minor BWV 1017
G. Zlatev Cherkin - Sevdana for violin and piano
P. Vladigerov - Bulgarian Rhapsody Vardar

Anna Antipova | violin
Tsarina Marinkova-Krajncan | piano