Sun. 10 March 2019 – 11:30

Emily Beynon & Neflac Ensemble

ConTribute concert

The musical kick-off of the Neflac Ensemble CD crowdfunding campaign!

In collaboration with Emily Beynon (Splendor musician, solo flutist KCO & artistic director, Neflac), Jeroen Bron and Wieke Karsten (Neflac flute teachers) and 10 young flutists between the ages of 15 and 25. Music ranging from baroque to beatboxing. Come and be amazed by the diversity of the flute family!

De Nederlandse Fluit Academie (Neflac) supports the musical development of young flutists.

Making music TOGETHER, that is really special; in a flute ensemble or flute orchestra, for example!
That it’s not only fun to do, but also fantastic to listen to, is underscored by the enthusiastic audience reactions at Neflac concerts. The special experience of hearing flute music in various styles, the combined sounds of all the instruments in the flute family - from piccolo to contrabass flute - and the enthusiasm and quality of the young musicians all contribute to making this event a musical festival.

This music, performed by young talent and top-notch professionals, deserves to be recorded professionally for play lists and CD. We’re going make this recording…. With your help!