Sat. 31 August 2019 – 20:00
Jawa & Shaza Manla:

The Journey - live at Splendor

Music, poetry, stories from the world

Band leader, vocalist and guitarist Davina Marinozzi funded The Journey in August 2018, taking the chance to broaden her jazz knowledge and be open to new influences such as flamenco and latin music.

Her project is, in fact, a crossover (all the members met at Codarts Conservatory) between jazz, flamenco and world music in general. The ethnical nature of it is grounded in its own roots: Davina comes from Italy; Anoush Saadat, acoustic guitar, is half British and half Iranian and spent many years in Sevilla to elaborate on the world of flamenco; Luis Mora, drums/percussions, is from Chile and Yiannis Vagianos, double bass, from Greece. You can expect they have plenty of stories to tell!

The band picks songs from allover the south of the world and re-arranges them for their quartet in a fusion perspective. Original music has been recently implemented in their repertoire, too, getting inspired by memories, pages of old notebooks of great artists and icons such as Frida Kahlo, Vincent van Gogh and more.

Their musical program is constantly evolving together with their curiosity and passion for quality music. They released their first video in February 2019, available on YouTube (The Journey - 'Volver' (C. Gardel), see below.

Davina Marinozzi - vocals/guitar
Anoush Saadat - guitar
Yiannis Vagianos - double bass
Luis Mora Matus - drums
Speciale gasten: Jawa Manla en Rik van der Ouw