Sun. 13 October 2019 – 20:15
Akim Moiseenkov

Bits, Pieces, Outtakes & Throwaways

(Electr.) music, film, theatre by:

Prof. Russolo (compositions, films, performance, general composition and direction)
Miss QQ (performance)
Frans Moussault (bass clarinet)
Yukari Nanami (alto flute)
Members of performance-art collective Fruit for the Apocalypse, having left the UK for the safe port of Rotterdam (performance)
Topdog Fritz / Tejo Janssen (dance performance)
Jonathan van Sliedregt (el. guitar, performance)
Fleur Koswee (dance performance)
Cheryl van Heerdt (drawings animation film)
Endhi Houthuysen (compositions, arrangement opening)