Tue. 18 February 2020 – 20:30
Maarten Ornstein


Kadri Tegelmann, Mike Fentross and Maarten Ornstein

Early Music and Baltic traditionals are the backbone of the new project by Mike Fentross (theorbo), Maarten Ornstein (bass clarinet) and very special guest Kadri Tegelmann (mezzo soprano). The trio will record a new CD in June 2020, but the Splendor audience is given an early opportunity to enjoy Kadri's beautiful voice, warmly supported by theorbo and bass clarinet.

Laula, Estonian for 'to sing', is a moving program about all facets of life. From birth to death and everything that happens in between, we have always expressed our emotions through songs and music. Estonian traditionals and centuries old Baroque music make up the backbone of this concert.

Kadri Tegelmann, vocals
Mike Fentross, theorbe
Maarten Ornstein, bass clarinet