Tue. 10 December 2019 – 20:30
Nora Fischer

Nora Fischer & Marnix Dorrestein

Mini-concert with new material (8.30PM)

It's been two years since we recorded 'Hush' in Splendor, a record full of 17th century music in a minimalistic, modern arrangment. In the meantime the album's been awarded an Edison and we've played this dear project in Lincoln Center in NYC and the Barbican in London.

Now we're experimenting with some newer material (still more than 100 years old!) by French composers like Ravel and Fauré. We always prefer to play new stuff to an audience as soon as we can so we can feel if it works. What's a better place to that than our home, Splendor!?

On December the 10th we'll do a mini-concert of max 10 minutes with these pieces. For us it's a try-out so please come warm hearted and with a notepad for feedback.

Love from Nora & Marnix