Wed. 19 February 2020 – 20:00

Les in Jazz - De Stijlen (4)

Four audio-visual lectures about (sub)styles in Jazz and Improvised Music from 1900 to the present

The fourth of four weekly lectures. The lessons are intended to provide insight into the musical developments in jazz.

What is jazz? How do new forms of jazz develop? Which musical ingredients are distinctive to a style? How does one improvise? From work songs and blues via swing, bebop and free jazz to post-bop, fusion, world jazz and the urban jazz of today: more than 20 jazz styles will be demonstrated through video and audio. Suitable for a general audience interested in jazz.

In this last lecture we’ll discuss: Mixed forms of jazz with minimal music, groove, hip-hop, electronic music. Modern “post-genre”-thinking: everything is allowed and everything can be used. Eclecticism. All older jazz styles still exist. Jazz keeps moving and evolving.
19. ambient/minimal jazz
20. groove jazz
21. acid jazz
22. Nu Jazz
23. Urban jazz, today’s jazz

By: Vera Vingerhoeds