Fri. 28 February 2020 – 20:15

Zigeuners in Splendor: Miklós Lakatos

Top violinist from Budapest with his orchestra

Miklós Lakatos was born into a famous family of gypsy musicians and has played violin since the age of three. As often happens, his father was his first teacher. He studied at a music school until he was thirteen and, thereafter, travelled the world with the famous Rajkó youth orchestra.

He formed his first orchestra at age 23 and has performed since in the Marvany Mennyasszony Restaurant in Budapest. He also plays regularly outside of the restaurant, in Carnegie Hall, in the Ritz Hotel in Paris, in the famous Emke Restaurant in Budapest, and elsewhere. Miklós is also a violinist with charm and great charisma. He and his orchestra bring music from Hungary and many other musical styles to life in an inimitable manner.

Miklós Lakatos és Cigányzenekara