Fri. 24 January 2020 – 20:30
Claron McFadden

Silent Songs

A first musical encounter of Shinya Fukumori and Dimitar Bodurov

Melodic soundscapes and rich harmonic textures are woven into Silent songs - the first musical encounter between Japanese drummer Shinya Fukumori and Bulgarian pianist Dimitar Bodurov. To complete the band they have invited two fantastic Romanian musicians, George Dumitriu on viola and guitar, and clarinetist Alex Simu. A special guest in the program will be the renowned American soprano Claron McFadden.

An evening of original compositions, lyrical improvisations and a touch of kabuki.

George Dumitriu - viola, guitar
Alex Simu - clarinets
Dimitar Bodurov - piano
Shinya Fukumori - drums
Claron McFadden - voice