Sat. 15 February 2020 – 20:00
WIlmar de Visser

Orchestra of Changemakers

Sounds of Change: Orchestra of Changemakers Meet-Up #3

On February 15th, we celebrate Sounds of Change's 3rd birthday during the 3rd Orchestra of Changemakers Meet-Up with an interactive concert featuring music and tales from the Middle East!

We’ll keep part of the program a surprise, but we can let you know now that the fantastic musicians Oene van Geel (violin), Sinan Arat (flute) and the Sounds of Change band will definitely join us.

We’re delighted to invite the Splendor members to attend! Reserve your ticket in the usual way.

Oene van Geel - viola
Sinan Arat - Ney/flute
Lucas Dols - double bass
Gino Bombrini- percussion
Han van ‘t Land - voice/guitar
Hashem Kabreet - percussion
Sander van Goor - guitar/bass
Maite van der Marel - voice