Thu. 27 February 2020 – 20:30
Andreas Kühne

BJ Nilsen, Bram Stadhouders, Andreas Kühne

Sound art and free improvisation

This evening Splendor hosts a unique concert by three composers / sound artists / improvisers, whose practices involve researching musical interpretations of the spatiality of time and matter. We invite you to listen to their music and stories based on the sounds of nature, how they affect humans, and vice versa. Drummer, composer and sound artist Andreas Kühne is one of Splendor's Jonge Honden (Young Bloods) for the period 2018-2020. While producing various audiovisual performance commissions from Russia, England and the Netherlands during the past two years, Andreas has accrued an archive of "field improvisations" – onsite recordings of improvisation with inert objects – which he combines with live electronics and drums. While performing in Moermansk, Russia, he met Swedish composer and sound artist BJ Nilsen, who presented his work "ORE" at the Inversia Festival. Andreas Kühne and BJ Nilsen, together with composer and guitarist Bram Stadhouders – internationally known for "Under the Surface" and his solo work – will perform an experimental concert audiolising elasticity of time and matter on February 27.

Andreas Kühne - drums, field improvisation, live electronics
BJ Nilsen - field recordings, composition
Bram Stadhouders - guitar, effects