Wed. 16 September 2020 – 20:30

Brandt Attema, Dave Kutz & Téa Vermeulen-Lomdaridze (20:30u)

The Bottom Line - low deep sounds

David and Brandt know each other from the symphony orchestra where together they form the foundation with their low deep sounds.

Despite all the journeys that both have made on their instrument; traveling the world and traveling through unknown repertoire, this wonderful age-old symphonic role fits their instruments beautifully. Nevertheless, they remain interested in more possibilities of their instrument in solo and chamber music , and in this program they are exploring those possibilities.

The instruments introduce themselves with spectacular solo works and come together in surprisingly entertaining duets. To discover even more new sonic adventures, Dave and Brandt have asked pianist Téa Vermeulen-Lomdaridze to join in. A first meeting for this trio in search of new worlds. “The Bottom Line…”

Brandt Attema - bas strombone
Dave Kutz - tuba
Téa Vermeulen-Lomdaridze - piano