Thu. 25 February 2021 – 20:00
Tatiana Rosa

QueerAble In/stabilities - STREAM

Performative encounter

(Sonic Iteration of) QueerAble In/stabilities

QueerAble In/stabilities is a performative encounter. The interaction with the audience is therefore a meaningful part of this performance. Due to the impossibility of having a live audience present on the February 25th we have decided to share with you a sonic iteration of QueerAble In/stabilities. This will be a pre-recorded event that will be streamed live on the same day at 8PM.
We hope that we can repeat this with an audience present in the hall and share this performative encounter with you in a near future.

Subjectivities undergo processes of in/stability with the norm body, the norm movement, the norm behaviour, the norm morals (…). A process continuously reinforced by the surveillance of the gaze. Committing to the vulnerability of this conflict de/stabilises heteronormative and hegemonic narratives.

QueerAble in/stabilities is a performative encounter, in which other embodiments are transformed into sound through a wireless electro-acoustic interface assembled to the body. The uttered (de)composition of sonic textural layers is altered by biometric data of other bodies.

Angelo Custódio: concept and performance
Tatiana Rosa: collaborator and live electronic manipulation of sound
Michele Abolaffio: technical support and development of the interface
Arthur Guilleminot: design development and wearables
This project is kindly supported by Mondriaan Funds.

Angelo Custódio and Tatiana Rosa would like to invite you to the 2nd part of QueerAble in/stabilities:

Following this sonic iteration, streamed online, we will be hosting a digital space where any kind of sharing is welcome.

Join Zoom Meeting, after the performance:

Meeting ID: 783 8279 9952
Passcode: eme(u)rge