Tue. 29 June 2021 – 20:30
Anne La Berge


Immersive performance installation by Creative Catastrophe Collective

Perspectives is an immersive performance-installation by Creative Catastrophe Collective. Perspectives evolves around the phenomenon of perception points. By integrating large-scale multimedia installations and new instruments, the audience is guided through an interactive exploration of sound objects, surrounded with video projection, and encouraged to individually explore the performance.

With a total run-time of an hour, Perspectives consists of six movements, each exhibiting a distinct relationship between sound source and observers. The cognitive characteristics are examined through the following themes:
Us as objects
Us around objects
Us inside objects
Objects inside us
Objects around us
Objects as us

Creative Catastrophe Collective (CCC) creates catastrophes collectively. We merge different genres, elements and sensory experiences to create intriguing spaces for audiences to explore. Most of our work explores the stage as a shared space where music, theatre, film and art installations meet. We aim to foster the audience's curiosity and make them actively involved in the performance.

CCC consists of percussionists Antoine Josselin and José Silva, composer/media artist Sól Ey, and media/visual artist Soyun Park.

Antoine Josselin - Concept/percussion
José Silva - Concept/percussion/electronics
Sól Ey - Concept/music/electronics
Soyun Park - Visuals/stage design

Perspectives is made with kind support of Instrument Inventors Initiative (iii), The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague and the Composer’s Fund of the Icelandic national broadcasting station and STEF.

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