Sat. 4 December 2021 – 13:00
Luke Deane

Millennial History

Podcast launch & Meet-ups

Tijdens dit evenement wordt uitsluitend Engels gesproken.

Millennials (born between 1980-2000) have been labelled as superficial, spoilt & vulnerable. Right now, they are reaching positions of power and responsibility. The moment has come to reflect on their story so far. What shaped the way they look at the world? Where are they actually coming from?

In the podcast Millennial History, we revisit impactful moments in recent European history through the eyes of millennials who witnessed impactful -yet almost forgotten- events. In interviews with musical journalist Andrea Voets, they share their memories and reflect on the far-reaching consequences on their lives, their relationships and view of the world. Because of their young age back then, we focus on their deep 'story as felt' and combine it with lots of donated music from the region, in a 20-layer-edit, made by Andrea and composer & sound-designer Luke Deane.

On this podcast-launch & meet-up festival, we will listen to episodes in group – hold aftertalks with interviewees, experts on the topics, the makers – make space for group-conversations with all people present - play some live music – eat cake & drink coffee.

Program for the day:
11:00 - 13:00 uur: Northern-Ireland : the Troubles => with: one of the interviewees – |Andrea Voets & Luke Deane, on the creation process of Millennial History |Andrea Voets plays her version of favorite Songs of the People on harp & electronics

13:00 - 15:00 uur: Romania : the generation of 'Children of the Decree' of Ceausescu => with: interviewee Joanna Neuschatz | social worker Durga Saraya

15:00 - 17:00 uur: Germany : the former DDR, the Change & Unification => with: interviewee Burkhard Körner & Noah Völker on their theatershow How to make Good Art for East-Germans |artist Tasha Arlova on hidden anti-slavism & the conversations in Second Thoughts | historian Nynke Anna van der Mark on the capitalisation of time.

Andrea Voets - musical journalist, harp, curation & presentation
Luke Deane - composer & sound-designer
& guests

The podcast Millennial History will be published by the pan-European media-platform AreWeEurope in January & will tour the Netherlands as a live documentary-concert from May 2022 on. By attending and sharing your thoughts, you help us in the creation of this live-show.

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Millennial History is created by Resonate Productions: the world's only company for 'musical journalism'. This production is supported by the AFK, Fonds21, Norma Fonds & the Alfred Töpfer Stiftung. www.resonate-productions.com

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