Sat. 28 May 2022 – 20:15
Nora Fischer


Splendor debut of Viennese musician, composer, pianist and dancer/choreograph Oona Minoo

One of Splendor's favourite things to do is to provide a springboard for young upcoming artists. Back when the club house was still a run-down building waiting to be renovated, Splendor musician Nora Fischer was already working hard to realize ways in which this new creative hub could also play an important role in offering opportunities for the newest creative generation. As a result, not only Splendor's Young Bloods were born, but the Splendor stage is also regularly made available to artists who are just launching their careers. Today, Splendor offers this opportunity to Viennese musician, composer, pianist, and dancer/choreographer Oona Minoo, a graduate of the Music Master for New Audiences and Innovative Practices at The Hague Conservatoire, where Nora also graduated years ago. Like anyone else who enrols in this master's programme, Una Wiplinger (this Viennese adventurer's real name) cannot be easily categorized. At this vulnerable and open-ended time in her career, graduating and facing an open future, she created a solo performance around the theme spreading your wings.

A piece for and with piano
Fledgling means to leave the familiar and dare to do something new.
How does it feel to leave your own nest? To find your own way? To reveal yourself to others? To desire something and fear it at the same time? Gently, curiously and playfully, the performer approaches the piano and the audience. A shelter, a child, a cave, a dance partner, a piano, a woman. Forms and images arise and are transformed.
In this solo performance Oona Minoo - a Viennese interdisciplinary artist and creator in the fields of music, dance, and theatre - explores the boundaries of the classical concert. Her own compositions, language, movement theatre, and dance become ways to connect with and to communicate with the audience. A very personal piece about revealing oneself, being courageous and the longing for involvement.

Oona Minoo concept, composition, piano, performance

More information: www.oonaminoo.com

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