Sun. 5 June 2022 – 20:15
Frances-Marie Uitti
presents @Uilenburgersjoel:

Rolf Wallin & Frances-Marie Uitti

Artist in Residence kicks off with aluminium cello and balloons

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This concert will take place in de Uilenburgersjoel - Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91

”Being Artist in Residence at Splendor is pure love! The people, the acoustics, the possibilities... like being a kid in a candy store! I'm a cellist, improvisor, composer, inventor of new instruments and resonators… and above all restless. Maybe I just have ADHD.”
Meet Frances-Marie Uitti: Artist in Residence at Splendor for a year. Frances-Marie's ceaseless curiosity to conjure ever more possibilities from her cello – for example by playing with two bows, or by inventing entirely new instruments such as the all sensor 12 string double bridged cello – has inspired leading composers such as György Kurtág, Luigi Nono, and Jonathan Harvey to write new music especially for her. Tonight, Frances-Marie kicks off her residency with composer Rolf Wallin, and she indeed feels like a kid in a candy store, since not only electronics and (aluminium!) cello will be played, but also balloons.

Rolf Wallin is one of the leading contemporary Nordic composers, widely performed and commissioned internationally. His musical background spans jazz, avantgarde rock, and early music to traditional classical training, and this versatility is reflected in an exceptionally varied list of compositions. Wallin’s compositional output encompasses a wide range of techniques and expressions: from strictly absolute music to music theatre and installations; from elaborate computer-aided composition in his instrumental music to strongly intuitive music for the stage.

"The spectacularly gifted cellist, Frances-Marie Uitti has made a career out of demolishing musical boundaries. She has developed new techniques (most famously, playing with two bows simultaneously), collaborated with a who's who of contemporary composers, and pushed the cello into realms of unexpected beauty and expression...."
Washington Post

Frances-Marie and Rolf will play (primarily) composed music with electronics, as well as the world premiere of a new co-composition. The ultimate opportunity to see the unique aluminium cello from the 1920's that Frances-Marie plays in addition to her acoustic cello.

Rolf Wallin electronics, balloons
Frances-Marie Uitti aluminium cello, balloons

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