Thu. 6 October 2022 – 20:30
Maripepa Contreras


Brand new quartet of bassist Felix Hildenbrand

Jazz hoboist and one of Splendor's “Young Bloods” Maripepa Contreras presents the brand new quartet of bassist Felix Hildenbrand: Flechtwerk! With a groovy sound reaching from Bach to Choro, Chamber jazz and Latin, and with a reed instrument replacing the first violin, this quartet offers en entirely new experience of the traditional string quartet.

There is one clear line in Felix' musical history: the constant hunger for new discoveries and musical styles. After a career of 20 years as an accompanist in a large variety of genres (jazz, fado, pop, South American folk, choro...) he realised that what he really needed did not yet exist. He needed to create something in which all his musical loves could come together and form a new, very personal style. The ensemble's name, Flechtwerk, describes the way in which four horizontal melody lines interweave and form harmonies from a vertical perspective. With the traditional string quartet as a starting point, Felix added his double bass for earthy grooves, and replaced the first violin with a reed instrument for a more transparant and diverse sound.

Maripepa Contreras (hobo), Friedmar Hitzer (violin) and Eva van de Poll (cello) proved to be the ideal partners with their ability to switch from complex arrangements to improvisation, and with their very dynamic playing that pierces right into our emotional world. Under the current working title Cuadros (paintings), the quartet plays compositions that spark our imagination and create filmic vibes.

About the musicians:
Eva van de Poll and Friedmar Hitzer have both played in quartets that consciously stepped away from the traditional approaches: the Pavadita Tango String Quartet and the Zapp String Quartet.
Maripepa Contreras is one of the very few hoboists who love to improvise, and she is a sought-after player in the European scene: be it with her own quintet, the Marmoucha Orchestra or the Metropole Orchestra. As one of Splendor's "Young Bloods" and as the "first violin" of Flechtwerk, she presents this one of a kind quartet tonight.

Maripepa Contreras- oboe, english horn
Friedmar Hitzer- violin
Eva van de Poll- cello
Felix Hildenbrand- double bass, guitar, compositions

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