Thu. 25 August 2022 – 20:00
Michael Moore

Wayne Horvitz / Sara Schoenbeck & Mary Oliver / Michael Moore

Four ex-Californians meet in Amsterdam for some serious fun!

PLEASE NOTE, Programme change: Mary Oliver has tested positive for Covid-19. She will be replaced by singer Jodi Gilbert.

Splendor musician and jazz clarinettist/saxophonist Michael Moore moved from the US to The Netherlands in 1982, where he has been enriching the music scene for decades with his rich musical fantasy. As a member of the renowned Instant Composers Pool (ICP) Orchestra, a leader of several own bands, and winner of the Boy Edgar Prize in 1986, he has become a central figure in the worldwide jazz scene. Today he brings three co-ex-Californians together in Splendor for an evening filled with serious fun.

Experimental bassoonist (quite unusual in itself) Sara Schoenbeck and composer/pianist/electronic musician Wayne Horvitz have known each other since 2000, and after many collaborations formed the Schoenbeck/Horvitz Duo in 2018. Their genre-less zone filled with a richness of a shared language, electronics and a mountain of musical experience, has taken them to venues all over the US and Canada. The Wire has placed Sara in the "tiny club of bassoon pioneers" of the contemporary music, and the New York Times described her as "riveting, mixing textural experiments with a big, confident sound". But she not only brought her music to an impressive list of venues worldwide: she can also be heard in movies such as The Matrix 1 & 2. Wayne – also with an extensive worldwide concert practice – won the American Prize in Orchestral Composition in 2019, and collaborated with legendary artists such as John Zorn (Naked City etc), the Kronos Quartet, Gus Van Sant and Reggie Watts, to name a few. Violinist Mary Oliver has been a renowned artist in both the improvised and composed contemporary music scenes. She worked both nationally and internationally musicians such as John Cage, Misha Mengelberg and Iannis Xenakis. Michael and Mary have known each other for 30 years already, and are both an active member of the ICP Orchestra.

Wayne Horvitz - piano/electronics
Sara Schoenbeck - bassoon
Mary Oliver - violin —- Mary will be replaced by Jodi Gilbert - voice
Michael Moore - clarinet

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