Sat. 24 September 2022 – 20:00

Encuentro 8

An evening of music, text, movement and performance

Encuentros are a series of evenings organised by recorder player and singer Irene Szorozábal, who is part of the Moving Strings collective that was Artist in Residence at Splendor last year. At these Encuentros, independent makers showcase their new works to each other and to a small audience, to enable exchange and discussion during the creative process. Each Encuentro presents two or three short performances by makers from various disciplines, such as music, dance, theatre, poetry, storytelling or visual arts. Like two previous editions, Encuentro 8 will take place in Splendor, and will include two works: Couple therapy, a text, movement, lights improvisation performance by Erik Van de Wijdeven and Maria Mavridou; and BuddyBodies, an interdisciplinary performance by Astera Mortezai, Geerte de Koe and Pau Sola.
These evenings are funded by the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.

Couples Therapy
Erik Van de Wijdeven & Maria Mavridou

Departing from a shared interest in (hidden) trauma and its effects on human relationships, Erik and Maria conduct a visceral and lyrical exploration of the fictional space between wounds. In a bare setting, they illustrate and open voids of poetic projection and grotesque distortion, fuelled by an insatiable desire to be healed in the nearness of the other. The transfiguration of two fumbling entities fiercely drowning in a sea of possible identities; an unsettling entanglement of two inner children reinventing the game as they play along.
video still above by Roman Zotter

Astera Mortezai - visual artist/performer
Geerte de Koe - musician/performer
Pau Sola - musician/performer
The BuddyBody sculptures were made by Astera Mortezai (IR/NL) during the 2021 pandemic:
"BuddyBody is a sculpture of a body, in every possible sense, geology, biology, or astronomy. Each element is a unique piece that has formed in an organic way, like the skin that takes the form of what is under it. The realization of BuddyBody is a slow process that lets the material find its shape. Just like a natural body, they take traces of wounds, time, and deformation. They even smell differently. These sculptures are colored inside to highlight the world of our mind and our imagination." Together with Geerte de Koe (NL, musician/performer) and Pau Sola (CAT, musician/performer), the trio investigates the relationship between one's own body and the external BuddyBody, the effect of the object in space, and the interaction with other people in an interdisciplinary performance.

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