Orchestra of the Future

Create and Play New Music! 
The Splendor Orchestra of the Future is a unique orchestra. For two days during school vacations, participants learn to improvise and compose. Everything they play is newly created!

The convivial atmosphere is filled with the joy of music-making, eating together and playing outside. All instruments (including singers!) are welcome to join the existing groups.


The Orchestra of the Future is for kids from ages 6-13. The next Orchestra of the Future will be in the May vacation 2019: on Monday and Tuesday, April 29 and 30.

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The Orchestra of the Future has already created a number of programs:

  • Cozy Room Music (May vacation 2014)
  • Dirk: A Space Opera (Fall vacation 2014)
  • Composition for the Birds (Spring break 2015)
  • Graphic Novel/Score (May vacation 2015)
  • Halloween Concert (Fall vacation 2015)
  • Future Tourist (Utopia) (May vacation 2016)
  • Theme X (May vacation 2018)


Get in touch with us at toekomstorkest@splendoramsterdam.com