Orchestra of the Future

Create and Play New Music! 
The Splendor Orchestra of the Future is a unique orchestra for kids from ages 6-13. For two days during school vacations, participants learn to improvise and compose. Everything they play is newly created!

The convivial atmosphere is filled with the joy of music-making, eating together and playing outside. All instruments (including singers!) are welcome to join the existing groups.


The Future Orchestra will be back... some day in the future. We will keep you in the loop!


The Orchestra of the Future has already created a number of programs:

  • Cozy Room Music (Spring break 2014)
  • Dirk: A Space Opera (Autumn break 2014)
  • Composition for the Birds (Spring break 2015)
  • Graphic Novel/Score (Spring break 2015)
  • Halloween Concert (Autumn break 2015)
  • Future Tourist (Utopia) (Spring break 2016)
  • Theme X (Spring break 2018)


Get in touch with us at toekomstorkest@splendoramsterdam.com