Jonge Honden

Since the opening of the collective, Splendor has housed a rotating group of Jonge Honden (Young Bloods): young and highly talented musicians bursting with energy and creative ideas. They are right at the starting point of their careers, and are given the opportunity to be part of the musical laboratory for two years, as a way to jumpstart their knowledge, experience and network – and no less to inspire each other and the 50 Splendor musicians in their turn!

In 2020-2022, Splendor welcomes jazz-oboist Maripepa Contreras, Belgian/Namibian singer-songwriter Shishani, adventurous violist Hessel Moeselaar, Portuguese flutist/visual artist Tatiana Rosa, qanun player Shaza Manla and Euro-Caribian sound artist/saxophonist Marc Alberto! With their very versatile musical identities, these six artists are a welcome addition to Splendor, which has versatility and diversity as its middle name.