Singer-songwriter, speaker & anthropologist Shishani at Amsterdam's hotspot for musical discovery

Singer-songwriter, speaker, anthropologist & musicologist Shishani Vranckx is one of Splendor's Jonge Honden (Young Bloods) for the period 2020-2022.

Shishani is a singer-songwriter with roots in Namibian & Belgian, but grew up mainly in the Netherlands. In her work she brings these worlds together. She’s won various awards for her music in- and outside of the country and tours internationally. With her quartet Namibian Tales, she researched the musical traditions of the San ('Bushmen') people in Kalahari desert in collaboration with UNESCO. She graduated as anthropologist and musicologist and as an activist she highlights various social issues in her music. Shishani is founder of Miss Catharsis; a unique band of women of colour where the expressions of the feminine, in all her facets, are centralized.

Photo: Chris Philippo

'I look forward to creating in Splendor from art and not from commerce, connecting with different artists and bringing magic to this bizarre life.'