Singer-songwriter, theater maker and actress at Amsterdam's hotspot for musical discovery

Wende is a singer-songwriter, theater maker, chanteuse, actress, performer, producer and Artist-in-Residence at the Royal Theatre Carré. With a wily voice and strong aversion to categories and trends, her stories dissect who we are and why.

For Wende, the stage is a place for challenging, border-defying projects where language, technique and genre are continually in play with each other in surprising ways. Her latest project MENS is a raw and controversial take on our own time featuring rapturous electro beats and open-hearted, fragile songs. In early 2018, the show was adapted for her first album in her native language. MENS is currently touring its second season in pop halls, festivals and theaters.

'Whenever I've had the pleasure of being in Splendor, I've always felt a strong openness to a shared search for unexpected collaborations, a drive to experiment and to think deeply.'