Splendor's fifth anniversary: a year of celebration

The festivities started on February 22-25 with the very first General Meeting for our members in the form of a mini-Parade. The events featured a host of "first-time" combinations of musicians and music, a bouncy bumper from the hand of house composer Wilbert Bulsink and enthousiatic reactions and useful input from our members. The mood turned a bit more serious with a passionately opinionated beer tasting session.

Two special occasions quickly followed: the 1000th Splendor concert on March 10 and the 250th Member concert on April 12 featuring baritone Mattijs de Woerd. Going into the summer, we celebrated becoming proud owners of two beautiful pianos by letting our Splendor pianists take a public test ride in the Flight of the Grand Pianos concert.

Three days of celebration

On September 21-23, Splendor celebrated its birthday with a three day-long Parade. The events were diverse and wide-reaching: Splendor founder Wilmar de Visser held a lively discussion with both young and old about the of Splendor (and live music in general) in the year 2038. Due to heavy weather conditions, the Boat Parade program on Friday was moved indoors for an extremely cozy and vibrant evening in the clubhouse itself. Saturday evening was a no-hold bars festival night, with Splendor's signature of surprise and diversity in full display. Sunday, on the other hand, was Splendor at its most intimate: 12 living rooms around the neighborhood were filled to the brim with public and musicians in a memorable afternoon of no less than 36 performances.


Splendor has become what the founders had envisioned five years ago: a uniquely headstrong venue, where innovation and experiment play a central role. And now, with support from nearly 1200 members, plans are rolling out from every corner of the clubhouse. 2018 was a year of celebration and reflection. But we can't help but look forward, so...onto the next five years!