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Splendor is run by a group of 50 exceptional musicians from all corners of the international music scene. To show their commitment, each musician invests €1000 and performs regularly for our Splendor members. In exchange, the building is theirs to use– 365 days a year – to create, explore and produce…to wherever their imagination takes them.

This initial investment, and the regular support of the Members Club render the building completely free for the musicians to use, to create, explore, dream and produce 365 days a year.

Once a year, we gather all our members together for one, big event called the Splendor Parade. This very special afternoon at the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ features countless top soloists and ensembles from the vast network of Splendor artists and their friends. The highlight of the Parade is the unique Splendorchestra, a specially formed ensemble featuring top musicians from every nook and cranny of the Splendor musical universe.