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Concerts for Kids

Concerts for Kids 

For tots, toddlers, boys and girls

At Splendor, we play concerts for people of every shape and size. Bring your parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors to share the unique Splendor experience: concerts tailor-made for kids and enjoyable for the whole family.

Concerts and Music Theater

We not only love playing concerts at Splendor, many of our musicians are also well known for their innovative work in children’s music theater. So we offer both! Whether you’re invited to sing along or dance, hear a story with music or just close your eyes and listen, Splendor is a musical paradise for all ages.

Come early to have a drink in our cozy Splendor café and stay to chat afterwards with the musicians. Have a burning question or just want to talk about something you saw or heard? We’d love to hear it. You might even get to play a note on a real violin or beat a gigantic drum!

Upcoming Concerts for Kids:

Het Kerstverhaal (6+)
Het Kerstverhaal (6+)
Met Kerst zijn er kaarsen, kalkoen en natuurlijk de kerstboom, maar wat vieren we dan eigenlijk? En hoe vieren andere mensen in de wereld dit feest? N[...]

Splendor kids is een zelfstandig initiatief van Stichting Allemaal Muziek.
De activiteiten worden mede mogelijk gemaakt door:

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