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The ALT Chamber Club
An evening of new works by young talent from Berlin and Amsterdam

The ALT Chamber Club
An evening of new works by young talent from Berlin and Amsterdam

The ALT Chamber Club
An evening of new works by young talent from Berlin and Amsterdam

Fri, 5 May 2017 | 19:30 hour


Fri, 5 May 2017 | 19:30 hour

Door tickets: € 8.00
Presale: € 8.00
Students (upon presentation of college ID): € 5.00
CJP: € 5.00
Splendor members: € 5.00


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The first edition of The ALT Chamber Club PRESENTS a concert of fantastic, boundary pushing chamber ensembles from Berlin and Amsterdam. The concert features both composed and semi-improvised works, and a fantastic variety of electronics.

Irene Sorozábal Moreno – Recorders
Matthías Ingiberg Sigurðsson – Clarinet
George Hadow – Drums
Mark Pringle – Chamber Organ
Pedro Ivo Ferreira – Double Bass

Embora was formed at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in the autumn of 2016 to play Irene Sorozábal’s compositions. The group are interested in the layering of complex rhythms and juxtapose this with a harmonic and melodic sense that takes inspiration from a variety world folk musics – exploring unconventional modes and slowly developing harmony.

The 3 Lands Trio
Ben Rose – Recorders
Christine Cornwell – Violin
Daumantas Stundia – Accordion

Christine Cornwell and Matthías Ingiberg Sigurðsson (Duet)

Luka Batista – Guitar and Electronics (Solo)


Irene Sorozábal Moreno – Recorders:
Irene Sorozábal is a Spanish recorder player and singer with a deep interest in music regardless style. She has performed early music as well as classical contemporary music and improvised music in venues like Tivoli Vredenburg, Splendor, Orgelpark and Teatros del Canal (Madrid).

She is based in Amsterdam where she studies recorder with Erik Bosgraaf and singing with Geert Berghs and Xenia Meijer. Her education is enriched by musicians from diverse disciplines like Rebecca Stewart, Malik Mezzadri, Harmen Fraanje, María Martínez Ayerza and Hester Groenleer.

Irene played in both early music and new music ensembles. She has performed with the Royal Wind Music, double consort recorder ensemble.She won a prize in Chamber Music playing in the Open Recorder Days Amsterdam 2012.She performs with Lagrime Consort, recorder quartet specialised in vocal polyphony; and Queen´s Priest, recorder-sackbut ensemble. Both groups took part in Utrecht Early Music Festival 2016. She is part of Galleria Armónica, an international ensemble specialised in historical performance from 16th-18th century.

She has joined projects with Sigvards Klava (Meesters und Gezellen 2016), Rob Vermeulen and Adrian van der Spoel(Kurt Thomas Kursus)and Capella Stella Maris conducted by Mikae Natsuyama. She has taken part as well of Cantores Sancti Gregori, an experimental group that sings Medieval and Renaissance Music.

Matthías Ingiberg Sigurðsson – Clarinet:
Since a young age Matthías has been been involved in musical experimentation. Though still young, he has managed to gain experience in all kinds of music, ranging from classical to hip hop. The clarinet is his extra limb that he uses sporadically yet masterfully, alongside composing, producing, singing and acting. He has been a member in the Icelandic balkan band Orphic Oxtra and the punk jazz group Blæti as well as the musical theater The Call, the video mapping and electronic music duo Normal Things, his own electronic music band Morr, the surreal fanfare band Molino, and has been constantly busy with the theme of live electronics with clarinet and voice. He recently graduated as a Master of live electronics from the Conservatory of Amsterdam and is currently focusing on developing his solo pop project.

George Hadow – Drums:
George Hadow is an English drummer primarily working in the fields of improvisation, jazz and experimental rock. Since he made the move to Amsterdam from the county of Devon in June 2012 he has immersed himself in the improvised scene playing in bands such as: Blue Lines , Molino, Galm Quartet, and Aya ba yaya. George performs often in the Netherlands and has also performed extensively in Europe.

Mark Pringle – Chamber Organ:
Mark Pringle is a pianist and composer from the UK working in the fields of jazz and improvised music, He is a Yamaha Jazz Scholar and Peter Whittingham Award winner, and has performed his own music at the Proms Late Series for BBC Radio 3, Manchester Jazz Festival, The Vortex, Southbank Centre and many more prominent venues across Europe. He is currently based in Berlin and involved in diverse artistic projects Europe-wide.

Pedro Ivo Ferreira – Double Bass:
Brazilian Double Bass player, Pedro decided to leave his country in 2012 and move towards Europe. He moved to Paris to study at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris (CRR), where he played in renowned venues including: Sunset Sunside, Duc des Lombards, Cave 38 Riv. In the year of 2014 he moved to Amsterdam to finish his bachelor. Pedro plays with many groups and singers of the Amsterdam and European scene, also working as a composer and arranger.

Luka Batista

Luka Batista (1993) is a Slovenian guitarist and composer, currently based in Amsterdam. Although primarily active in the fields of jazz and contemporary classical music, Batista seeks to fuse a wide spectrum of stylistic influences into an organic expression, reflecting the present time.

He is currently exploring the world of solo electric guitar + electronics and writing for the Luka Batista Ensemble, a 6-piece group featuring strings and a rhythm section.
Music composed for both settings is influenced by the work of composers associated with spectralism, an aesthetic / compositional approach where timbre is one of the most prominent musical elements, as well as by jazz and improvisation.

After about a decade of classical guitar studies in his home town of Koper, he graduated at the local music high school and in 2013 moved to the Netherlands, where he is now finishing his bachelors degree in jazz guitar at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.
During the time at conservatory, composition has slowly become the foreground of Batistas focus, also significantly influencing his guitar playing.

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