Mon. 20 February 2023 – 20:30
Oene van Geel

‘Cosmogram’ (from NY) feat. Gwen Laster, Trina Basu, Damon Banks & special guests

A Hero's Journey Through the Lens of the African Diaspora

Gwen Laster & Trina Basu - violin, Damon Banks - electric bass
And special guests:
Arun Ramamurthy - violin, Yoràn Vroom - drums, Oene van Geel - viola

COSMOGRAM: A Hero's Journey Through the Lens of the African Diaspora. Our combined expertise creates soulful/healing new music works that embrace the 21st century global community. We launch a new paradigm for musicians (especially string players) to embrace, adapt and celebrate Jazz and Improvised music as American classical music.

Violinist Gwen Laster is a recipient of the NEA Jazz grant, Jubilation foundation, Puffin foundation, Arts Mid Hudson, MPower Sphinx, Lila Wallace and the Cognac Hennessey 1st place Jazz Search. Her influences come from Detroit's music culture, her parents love of jazz, blues, soul and classical music alongside her progressive public school music teachers.

Trina Basu is a western trained classical violinist studied and trained in Indian Classical music and Jazz. Her musical voice explores contemporary and traditional worlds inspired by Indian classical ragas, chamber music, American folk and improvised music.

Bassist Damon Banks brings his passion and expertise to his love of global history, culture and music from north Africa/Gnawa, north/south India and West Africa rooted in his upbringing from the Bronx hip hop culture.

Special guest violinist Arun Ramamurthy plays music rooted in the training of South Indian classical music and is inspired and influenced by various musical interests growing up in Jersey.

Also drummer Yoràn Vroom and Splendor multi musician Oene van Geel will join tonight as well.

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