Sat. 27 May 2023 – 12:00

Our Voices - Exhibition

Installations by Wytze Minne de Swart - Looking for the musical sense of the voices around us

In the Our Voices Project Wytze Minne de Swart is looking for the musical side of speech. The voices around us are full of meaning, words and communication, but what happens if we try to listen to the musicality that is hidden in this universal instrument?

Around this theme Wytze has created multiple interactive audio installations in which you will be challenged to listen to the sound of a voice loose of its meaning. Listen out for nothing but the melody, harmony, phrasing and musicality in the core of these sounds.

In this debut exhibition Wytze is experimenting with the possibilities of bringing sound and music into objects and is trying to mimic musical communication in the interactivity between the viewer and the works.

Wytze Minne de Swart is saxophonist, composer and creator. In his work he often uses electronics. In 2020 he finished his undergrad at the Royal Northern College of Music and he is currently studying Live Electronics at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. https://www.minne-music.com/ Photo: Daniel Niessen

Entering the exhibition is possible at set times.
Introduction and viewings will be held throughout the day at:
12:00 hr - 12:30 hr
14:00 hr - 14:30 hr
15:00 hr - 15:30 hr

Entry is on a pay-what-you-want entrance fee at the door.

At night (19:00 hr) Wytze is organizing a concert around the same theme.

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