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Anne La Berge

Enter the Bamboo

Solo Shakuhachi Double Bill with Hélène Seiyu Codjo & Cornelius Shinzen Boots

Meeting for the first time, Hélène and Cornelius will each present solo sets rooted in deeper musicianship, and at least one duo and/or improvisation. Shakuhachi has captivated both of these lifelong woodwinders into its world of nature, meditation, technical limitations and expressive possibilities.

Pennsylvania resident and certified Grandmaster (dai shihan) Cornelius Boots presents the living tradition of shakuhachi. His concert-meditation program features traditional Buddhist devotional repertoire (or “honkyoku”) alongside original compositions in his distinctive nature blues house style, and arrangements of John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee theme music. This music is a transmission of the power and vitality of the breath as it both emerges from and connects us to Nature. The old monastic Natural bore (jinashi) and larger, low-pitched flutes (bass or alto) flutes are featured on this program: they provide a strong connection – for both the player and the listener – to a deeper, almost primeval past: echoes from the ancient days of the Earth.

Certified shakuhachi grandmaster (Dai Shihan) Hélène Seiyu 聖 優 performs both traditional music and modern pieces, including her own compositions and improvisations. She performs solo or with Japanese and/or Western musical instruments in various European countries. She uses the flute to express her deeper emotions. Her goal is to make the shakuhachi more widely known and to captivate people with its enchanting sound and power. Hélène has released two CDs featuring her own compositions ("African Memories" and "Reflection"). The spirituality of shakuhachi and playing in nature are essential for her.

Cornelius Boots - Shakuhachi
Hélène Seiyu - Shakuhachi


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