Music lessons

Use special instruments to make your own music! 
On Friday afternoons, starting from January 25, Splendor is transformed into a world of musical discovery for preschoolers. Splendor musician Iris Oltheten gives music lessons to two groups ages 2-4 (one group with parents and one group without) and one group ages 4-6.   

We make music together on unique instruments specially designed for us by Tutti Timbri. Now and then, we also take a peek at musicians rehearsing in the clubhouse in order to learn about different music instruments and styles. 

Join up!

The course consists of 11 lessons and costs € 125. 

Kids Ages 2 - 4 (with parents) 

Kids Ages 2 - 4 (without parents)

Kids Ages 4 - 6


Get in touch wit Iris at muziekles@splendoramsterdam.com