Za. 21 augustus 2021 – 20:00
Oene van Geel

Dafa Trio & Oene van Geel (LIVE&STREAM)

Avontuurlijke wereldmuziek cross-over

Born in the multicultural city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Dafa is a World music cross-over trio consisting of Syrian clarinetist Ghaeth Almaghoot, Macau-Hongkonger pianist Siu Tin Chi and Spanish- Luxemburger percussionist Erik Larrea. The trio explores and combines music styles from diverse cultural backgrounds, ranging all the way from the Middle East, through the Balkans, reaching Jazz and touching Latin music. With their own compositions and arrangements, Dafa warms the heart in times of crisis in order to unite people and to show the beauty of multiculturalism and the strength of diversity. The combination of Ghaeth’s captivating melodies accompanied by Chi’s intimate harmonies and Erik’s spicy rhythms creates a mesmerising musical journey for listeners, taking you on a voyage whilst making you feel at home.

Ghaeth Almaghoot - klarinetten, duduk
Tin Siu Chi - piano
Erik Larrea - percussie
Oene van Geel - altviool/zang

Dit concert is ook te volgen via de livestream:

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