Sun. 5 November 2023 – 20:30
Nora Fischer

Life In Concert

From personal stories to personal music

Exclusively in Splendor: the pilot of Life In Concert, a new initiative of Splendor musician Nora Fischer. It might be a one-off pilot, it might turn into a new Splendor series: we can only find out by doing it and seeing if it works!

For Life In Concert, Nora brings together a handful of musicians who inspire her both as musicians and as human beings, and invites them into an exchange of both music and personal stories. The preparation of this evening is not the usual musical rehearsal only, but also a few gatherings with lots of food and profound personal questions, conversations and stories. By compiling a group with a variety of generations, cultural backgrounds, musical styles and characters, these gatherings are also pure self interest for Nora: as a sponge she wants to learn from the wisdom and musical passion that each of these people bring to the table. An evening without masks, and with a high level of intimacy, personal stories and personal music.

In this first edition of Life In Concert we will hear:
Shaza Manla (qanun)
Gala Lozynska (cello & viola da gamba)
Vasile Nedea (accordion)
Peter Prommel (percussion)
Nora Fischer (voice, bass, text)

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