Sat. 25 November 2023 – 20:00
Jonatan Alvarado

Seconda Prat!ca's Splendor 10th Celebration

An Iberoamerican Baroque commemoration

Seconda Prat!ca is a music group specializing in the performance of ancient music for modern ears. Co-founded by Splendor member Jonatan Alvarado and multiphacetic artist and philosopher Nuno Atalaia, it was first introduced to the bathhouse audience by Claron McFadden, becoming the first young ensemble in residence in Splendor's history shortly after.

Seconda Prat!ca joins the celebrations of Splendor's 10th Birthday with a program brimming with some of the most exquisite gems from the Ibero-american archives and traditions. A true musical celebration of a long-lasting frienship, and the promise of many more years to come!

Sofia Pedro, soprano
Sophia Patsi, alto
Emilio Aguilar, tenor
João Paixão, bass
Jonatan Alvarado, guitar and tenor
Fernando Aguilar, harpsichord
Julie Stalder, viola da gamba and double-bass
Nuno Atalaia, recorder and traverso



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