Jonatan Alvarado

Jonatan Alvarado is a singer, guitarist and lutenist at Amsterdam's hotspot for musical discovery

Jonatan Alvarado is a singer and player of (very) old songs, be them contained by medieval and renaissance manuscripts scattered all over the world, or found in the oral traditions of Europe and the Americas.

His performances regularly feature rare, seldom heard musical jewels, played and sung with historical techniques and instruments, but without loosing touch with contemporary audiences and practices.

He is the musical director of the ensemble Seconda Prat!ca, co-founded together with Nuno Atalaia. He also performs regularly with critically acclaimed ensembles such as Sollazzo, Da Tempera Velha and Armonía Concertada, among many others.

Photo: Gertjan Vos

'I fell in love with Splendor - the space, the people, the philosophy behind it - since the first time I was there with my ensamble Seconda Prat!ca, invited by my dear friend Claron McFadden. We went, dropped a couple tunes, and the success was such that we ended up being the first ensemble in residence in Splendor's history, for a period of two years. The hours spent there rehearsing, playing, drinking, chatting and collaborating with the in-house musicians, convinced me of the enormous potential of this collective, and got me secretly longing to be a part of it for years. I guess dreams do come true... Very much looking forward to roll my sleeves up and get busy! '