Sun. 25 February 2024 – 16:30
Anne La Berge

Grensruimten, grenzeloze tijd

Collaborative research into experiences of time through listening to space

This concert is a continuation of Danya Pilchen’s collaboration with the musicians of Kali Ensemble: Nirantar Yakthumba (piano), Giuseppe Sapienza (clarinet), Alejandra Bejarano (double bass), and Gregor Connelly (electronics). The concert’s programme was developed during the artistic research project Making Time Together. Collective Experiences of Time in Continuous Ensemble Practice that they conducted during our residency at Studio LOOS in The Hague in February–May 2023

Building upon the outcomes of that residency, the artist collaboration is exploring the temporalities that emerge in the resonances between different spaces and the ways one listens to them. The piece that will be presented is focused on spatial, temporal, and inter-relational. Developing an intuition for interacting with the resonances between various spaces – strings, instrument bodies, resonant objects, the room in which the piece is played in – in connection with how it affects our experience of time is at the core of Danya’s artistic practice.

Danya Pilchen’s music is closely intertwined with his research into collective experiences of time in musical practices. Understanding time as an emerging property of consciousness affected by social interactions necessitates increased attention to the relationships between musicians and audiences in his pieces. To facilitate these interactions, he employs various compositional strategies and listening techniques engaging the materiality of sound.

Kali is a new music ensemble based in the Hague. We primarily work with young composers with whom we can collaborate and experiment over long periods. We aim to develop an artistic practice unique to our relationship with our collaborators. Over the past years, we have formed close and active relationships with several young composers based in The Hague, and we have become experts at performing their music, realising many large-scale projects with great attention to detail.

Kali Ensemble:
Nirantar Yakthumba (piano),
Giuseppe Sapienza (clarinet),
Alejandra Bejarano (double bass)
Gregor Connelly (electronics)

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