Fri. 22 March 2024 – 20:00
Nora Fischer
presents festival FOLKLORE DAYS:

Folklore days concert

Final Concert of the Folklore Days Festival

SPLENDOR - March 20-22, 2024

Imagine a time when young people in love could only meet in the main square of their village, dancing to the sounds of folk tunes.

Imagine a place far away where all boys turning eighteen would walk the streets singing a song in unison, mocking their half grown beards and celebrating their shared transition.
Imagine a song with so many strophes that you could knit a whole sock while it lasts.
Imagine somewhere else where everybody in the village meets in the only living room which has a radio to hear the news. Then the radio turns into a TV and then everybody gets their own little screen.

How about nowadays? Is folklore still alive? If it is, can it survive city life? How do we relate to these poems, melodies and dances? A group of performing artists meets in Splendor and engages in workshops, discussions and explorations to answer these questions and more.
On the evening of the 22nd of March, the participants present their own folklore related projects to each other and the audience.

“Folklore days” is curated by Giesta, a duo which focuses on early western notated music and oral traditions of the Iberian Peninsula. Joana and Irene use their voices, recorders and traditional percussion as tools to transform and reinvent these repertoires. With an historical performance background, they tap into the overlap between these traditions and deconstruct them through composing and arranging, improvisation and contemporary techniques.

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Miriam den Boer - violin
Michela Amici - harp
Tiddo Siertsema - accordion, viola, mandoline
Liza Prins - visual arts & voice
Manuela Tessi - dance
Mania: Emma Karels - panflute, Lorenzo Servali - doublebass & Federico Lanzo - voice, guitar
Mish-Mash: Alexandra Salviato - & Benjamin Postal - recorder and flute
Colors project: Hussam Musa - voice, keyboard, Halim Gaidou - bass guitar, Sammier Mongash - percussion, Marcel van Buren - drums, QI Tihanabo - guitar
Rebolada: Adrián Moncada - piano & Irene Sorozábal - voice
Giesta: Joana Guiné - recorder, voice, frame drums & Irene Sorozábal - recorder and voice & guest: Xander Baker - viola da gamba
Platform Bajoteja - La Madriguera (contributing online): Claudia Sánchez & Sergio Fulqueris

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