Mon. 17 June 2024 – 20:00
Oene van Geel

'Death and the Maiden' in all its guises

Where traditional notes meet new shapes for string quartet

Schubert's well-known string quartet 'Der Tod und das Mädchen' forms the common thread of this unique performance. While the composer has written several variations on the well-known theme in the second part, the performance 'Death and the Maiden' on June 17 goes a few steps further, with various improvisations and works composed especially for this occasion by the musicians themselves.

What does the theme 'Death and the Maiden' evoke in the musicians? And what does the theme evoke in the audience? Together they work on these issues, and the quartet form is changed in different ways. With Schubert at their side, they look death straight in the eye, but life is also celebrated.

Charlotte Basalo Vázquez - violin
Valentine Blangé - violin
Hessel Moeselaar - viola
Diederik Smulders - cello

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