Sat. 20 April 2019 – 20:30
Anne La Berge

Cage, Waller, Clementi, La Berge, Sabat

Dante Boon and Reinier van Houdt, two internationally renowned pianists, have chosen paths which explore the boundaries of established musical life. Dante Boon has established himself as an important Wandelweiser composer / performer and Reinier van Houdt is known as Holland's pianist savant who spends his time with musical outsiders.

This audacious concert program includes the work "Arrangements" for 2 pianists by the young American composer Michael Vincent Waller (Staten Island, NY, 1985) especially composed for Van Houdt and Boon.

John Cage later reworked his piano duo from 1945, “Experiences 1”, for solo voice.

The Canadian, Berlin-based, composer Marc Sabat (1965) also reworked his piano concerto “Lying in the grass, river and clouds” (2012). In this version, the keyboard takes on role of the accompanying ensemble and mirrors the piano part in unpredictable ways.

Anne La Berge's poetic “Just Before” (2017), about the typical Amsterdam waiting, and coming and going on a bike just before it starts to rain, is composed for open instrumentation and will be heard here in a version for piano and keyboard (Max patch).

Many works by Aldo Clementi (1925-2011) have been arranged for piano duo over the years by himself and others. The subtle “Catene simmetriche” (2004) is one of his last original works for this setting.

First performances:
Marc Sabat - Lying in the grass, river and clouds (2012) (version for piano and keyboard)
Michael Vincent Waller - Arrangements (2019)
And also:
John Cage - Experiences I (1945)
Aldo Clementi - Catene simmetriche (2004)
Anne La Berge - Just Before (2017)

Reinier van Houdt piano, keyboard
Dante Boon piano