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WIlbert Bulsink

The unexpected soundscape

The unexpected soundscape

The Ensemble Resilience is a new, visionary project that aims to bring a new concept of sound to the contemporary classical music world. Its uniqueness is due to the synergy of three acoustic instruments; violin, clarinet and piano, and two innovative electronic instruments. One is the new extended MIDI-controller Seaboard® by Roli (London), and the other, Mater, a hybrid percussion set created by percussionist Lorenzo D’Erasmo and sound designer Jacopo Biffi, collaborators of the ensemble.

With the use of amplification and contact pickups, every instrument can have an ambiguous and compelling nature. The ability of each instrument to invade the role of each other and create an elastic mixture of timbres without losing their identity is the soul of the ensemble: an authentic property of resilience. At the core of this project lies the commissioning of works by emerging young composers and the exploration of the possibilities of extended orchestration. The event will feature ensemble pieces and solo compositions written by prominent young composers and members of the group: welcome to the fresh and surprising kaleidoscope of Ensemble Resilience.

Cordelia Paw violin
Marco Danesi clarinets
Tomek Szczepaniak mater
Paolo Gorini piano, Seaboard®
Pablo Galaz Salamanca sound designer


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Members € 8.00