Thu. 14 November 2019 – 20:30
Sarah Jeffery

For the Future

A new canon of works written for the Kronos Quartet - on recorders

David Harrington: 'What would happen if we could, through our years of working with hundreds of composers from many places, make a body of incredibly interesting, fun music that could serve the next generation as a launching pad to a world of discovery?'

In 2015 the ever ground-breaking Kronos sting quartet launched their '50 for the Future' project - commissioning 50 new contemporary pieces over 5 years, by 25 men and 25 women from all over the globe and in a huge variety of musical styles. What’s more, the scores, recordings, performance guides and programme notes would all be available to download, for free!

This exciting and necessary update to the existing canon will enable young professionals - and their audiences - to fully explore the language of contemporary music. This repertoire is available to all, open to other instruments too. Recorder players have always had to be creative in constructing a repertoire for their instrument, and the forward thinking 'Fifty for the Future' project spoke to us on a personal level.

We couldn’t wait to get our teeth into this fantastic repertoire to see where it takes us.... improvisation, thick and delicate textures, passion and aggression, gently singing into a ventilator fan (!), and the sound of cracking ice channelled through giant square recorders.

Works by Laurie Anderson, Aftab Darvashi, Nicole Lizée, Tanya Tagaq, Merlijn Twaalfhoven, Aleksandra Vrebalov, and Phillip Glass.

Sarah Jeffery, Emily Bannister, Susanna Borsch, Dodó Kis - recorders/vocals/arrangements