Wed. 4 December 2019 – 20:30
Anne La Berge

VENI Ensemble / VENI Academy

Get out of Whatever CAGE

Slovakian music of today performed by VENI, Slovakia's most adventuresome ensemble.

Program 'Get out of Whatever CAGE':
Daniel Matej - JMF for DM for 8 or more unspecified instruments
Martin Burlas - From My Life... for piano, selected instruments and an electronic track
Peter Graham - Get out of Whatever CAGE for 2 - 24 unspecified instruments and speaker
Daniel Matej - S·A·F·E corale con variazioni concertante per piano solo con accompanimento stromentale ad libitum
Martin Burlas - 7th Day Record - for any instrumental set up

Daniel Matej - artistic leader conductor, speaker, kick drum, small percussion
Veronika Vitázková - flute
Ronald Šebesta - clarinet
Branislav Dugovič - bass clarinet
Milan Osadský - accordion
Fero Király - synthesiser, electronics
Ivan Šiller - piano
Michal Matejka - electric guitar
David Danel - violin
Juraj Beráts - production, electric guitar