Fri. 15 November 2019 – 20:30
WIlbert Bulsink

Ensemble Modelo62

Music by Ablinger, Isadora, Sigman and Van Bergeijk. A concert where you can also play along.

Cyberpunk, Mondrian and your own heartbeat are the inspiration for the music of Modelo62. During this concert not only do you listen to music, you can also play along: one of the pieces is written for ensemble and audience! Let your ears be refreshed by the enthusiasm and energy of these specialists in experimental music. Music by Ablinger, Isadora, Sigman en Van Bergeijk

Ensemble Modelo62:
Gemma Tripiana Muñoz, flute
Chloë Abbott, troumpet
Enric Sans i Morera, clarinet
Roberto Rutkauskas, violin
Jan Willem Troost, cello
Vasilis Stefanopoulos, double bass
Pete Harden, guitars
Reinier van Houdt, piano
Klara van de Ketterij, percussion
Ezequiel Menalled, conductor